Fukushima Saddness – Off Topic Rant

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Well, we always knew that the Fukushima situation was far worse than was being reported – and now it is officially out there.

Are they serious?  Building a gigantic freezer around the entire area to contain it?  How long does that take to build?  Any of the workers getting close enough to build such a massive thing will die early deaths from exposure.  And then how is that going to be powered?  For the next, uh, 200,000 years….

Japan is massively in debt.  How will they even begin to come up with the resources if there is a solution?

A subscriber once told me that there is a biography which tells the story that near the end of his life, Gorbachev was asked what was the downfall of the Soviet Union – was it glasnost and perestroika?  “No” said Gorbachev, ‘It was Chernobyl”.

Good bye Japan.

Many of you who read this site are, like me, fans of Coast to Coast AM (the late night radio show – I’ve been a guest on it four times now).  Listening to Coast you’ll hear all sorts of speakers on Globalists, the Ruling Elite, The Committee of 300, The Bildergergs – groups that have enormous power.  And there is no doubt that they control vast fortunes.

But when I see such an awful mess as a nuclear power plant melting down, pumping tons of highly toxic radioactive waste into the Pacific ocean and polluting the entire planet…  I know there really isn’t any ultimate human control over anything on this planet.

I know that some will get very upset at what I am going to write next.  But a nuclear power plant melt down affects everyone.  A very graphic comparison is that it is like a kid taking a big shit in the swimming pool – all of the pool gets contaminated eventually.  There is no “oh, I live at the other side of the pool and it won’t affect me”.  Unfortunately, there is no other pool to go to, or anywhere to ‘get out’ of.

As a species, we’ve got some 200 of these plants built around the world.  Many of them near coasts or even on fault lines.  A nuclear engineer I spoke with recently told me the Chinese are building more new plants.

Those of you on the west coast especially – do you believe that it’s going to be OK, because its been diluted?

I was on a road trip recently and dropped into a Whole Foods to pick up some supplies.  I noticed the price of the vegetables from Mexico were higher than the organics from California.  I found the produce manager and asked what was going on.  Was that a mistake?  The alert and helpful young man confided to me that the prices reflected the concern about vegetables grown on the West Coast that were likely to have exposure to Fukushima fallout.

Well, this is the world we live in.  I sit here typing at a computer to communicate with you and I am thinking about turning on the a/c (Texas is still hot this time of year).  Power, that is why we build hugely toxic generators in vulnerable places.  And yes, I have my addictions to power too.

A spiritual teacher I had many years ago pointed out that the advent of oxygen on this planet was utterly devastating to almost all of known creatures at that time.  And yet, Life went surging ahead – and here we are.  Perhaps our function here is to simply set the stage for the next life form that will emerge.

Perhaps our function here is to simply set the stage for the next life form that will emerge.

Perhaps those species will be more intelligent.

So what am I left with?

Well, since I still take great joy in growing and eating beautiful food, nourishing my family and giving to my community – I am going to continue with this passion.  It seems the best thing I can contribute.  And I’ll try to find time to start working on the question of how can we adapt our bodies to handle the increasing levels of radiation that are occurring, and will inevitably increase.

What are your thoughts?


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101 Comments on Fukushima Saddness – Off Topic Rant


    Hello Marjorie….
    I actually live in Japan, I was in Germany when FUKUSHIMA occurred and it would have been easier and better had I stayed there but I am Japanese so I came back, and then got into an accident so I can not leave now, still in therapy…
    Yes ever since the accident I have told people that this is the END of Japan(beginning of an end, and of course if one wants to be positive, the beginning of something else).It is just question of time…
    ONLY TWO countries have a final solution for the waste produced by nuclear power.
    Japan does not have it…and so instead of trying for the OLYMPICS, it should do something about the nuclear waste, the FUKUSHIMA refugees and rebuilding there…if such a thing is actually possible..!
    FUKUSHIMA is a disaster that is just waiting for it to occur…
    The govenment is trying for the Olympics in the same spirit of ‘panem et circensis’..and almost all the Japanese people I know don’t know the Olympics…
    So I have been busy praying that ti will not come here despite all the sales talks by governmental ministers and sports athletes etc…etc….
    And if it does get chosen , please ask to demand a boycott unless Japan stops killing whales, killing dolphins, over-eating eels and having let TEPCO take care of its waste without government supervision for over two years!!! etc…etc…( I mean I can give you a whole list of horrors and lies about this accident…however it will be too long..)
    Anyway thank you for your attention!

  2. Caroline Sullivan

    Rant on Marjorie. I am a Coast to Coast listener and make sure I listen then download your appearances to my Ipod. I am enjoying every one else’s comments also.

    I guess we could all wish that our government would just be honest with us. But it ain’t going to happen till We The People take our power back by voting our current leaders, AKA rulers, out of office. ALL of them. Our power is in the ability to vote. The rulers realize that and that is why they want to denigrate the value of voting. My rant!

  3. Robert

    most folks when designing do not say “what is wrong with this design ” so they do not seek out the potential flaws . like rooftop cooling pools. they are great until a leak then they drain rather well and the old rods start burning from the heat releasing toxins . but with the reduction in coal plants , nukes are here to stay . and the Canadians are building them across their border to supply our grid , so instead of letting Texas build them more money goes out . I still think the reactors could be designed to sham the control rods in an emergency , in November their is a plan to remove the rods by hand [ suicide ] even getting 2 close to one another . will make them go critical , and if the rods are partly melted they may not come out of the holes . a big mess at best

  4. Helen

    I hear what you are saying. And yet I have an 89 yr old friend who piloted the first plane in after Hiroshima. He was exposed to extremely high levels of radiation. He lives alone, cooks his own meals, drives, cleans his home, active in our church, in good health except for cataract surgery that went wrong, and he lost sight in one eye. He is very bright mentally and says ” the radiation must have preserved him”. So, who knows what the answer is to Fukushima and the fallout. Guess time will tell. In the meantime, I will still plant my survival garden beds, try to learn to preserve the surplus, and will continue to follow you and others as I learn more about being totally self-reliant. Thanks for your articles.

    • Marjory Wildcraft

      Hi Helen,

      Thank you for that story. In the back of my mind, I do wonder – just how bad is radiation? Somehow I assume it must be bad… cancer, thyroid problems, etc. The waster from messing with such power intuitively seems toxic.

      Saw on Wikipedia that there was supposedly no real problems in health from the Three Mile Island incident. But then again, who can believe the official reports?

      Gosh it is so hard to know what to believe anymore.

  5. Nancy

    If I were younger, I believe I would sign up for the one-way trip to Mars. It seems our planet is in its death-throes. It would be nice to believe there is a “Father” to save us but I have thought long and hard and can not come up with the leap of faith that’s required.

    Individuals like you, Marjory, are blessed with the gift of giving and helping. Not all of us are. If humans survive, luckily it will be those like you – and skeptics like me will disappear along with our tainted genes.

    • Marjory Wildcraft

      Well Nancy, Skepticism is a good thing. I honestly don’t know if it is hopeless or not. But I find it much more worthwhile to live and work and share.

      Why not?

      Maybe it is like the musicians who played during the sinking of the Titanic

  6. John

    Hi Marjory

    I offer a several points in addition to what others have already mentioned.

    Iodoral. Interesting product worthy of looking into.
    As far as I know, clinical doctors came up with “Orthoiodosupplementation” based on thyroid being such a common denominator in a variety of patients. If you scan down to the bottom of the page you’ll find a power point presentation available for the asking. They gave a dose of 50mg and found the body held onto a certain percentage like 60%, excreting 40%. After several months, the body excreted 90% reaching a saturation of the bodies tissues the theory being the body only holds onto what it needs. But use only the form in Iodoral(pill form) or Lugol’s (liquid but hard to take) as the other forms at that dose have proven toxic.


    Liposomal vitamin C. When the story of Fukishima first broke, I learned they were treating the workers with IV vitamin C and it was the only thing that prevented further damage of the chromosomes.


    Another link described that the liposomal form was equal to IV vitamin C and how a case of swine flu in New Zealand has really raised awareness about its effectiveness.


    Here is a site that has a good amount of doityourself info on making it with an affordable ultrasonic jewelry cleaner.


    There was one reply referring to using clay and if I remember correctly, the reason zeolite took off when it was introduced to the nutritional market is because its history stemmed from Chernobyl. It seems they came up with a cookie with powdered zeolite in the mix that could be fed to adults and kids alike.


    Last point and I need you to stretch your imagination. So much info inundates our sense of what is real and what is not. Supposedly the help of the world against the global agenda comes from Asia, Russia, and about 140 countries outside the G7 and the tsunami that caused Fukishima was a response to the Japenese govenment not playing ball at a very high level with the Cabal. When you consider those whose minds can only be described as evil please remember one thing, the road to hell is paved with good intentions. Those who follow a dark path believe they are on the right one, they believe what they are serving is God. Look at what happened around Waco with Jim Jones, he really believed he was serving God. Where am I going with this? It is the balance of good and evil that is correct. We see others through our own balance or imbalances. If those doing evil were really trying to do good does it really matter? What matters is the lack of acceptance for the masses, the exclusion of others having a right to exist that tips their scales out of balance. The reason I make this point is because if those in power wanted to they could clean up the effects but as long as its based on who is in office, who is on this side of the fence or that, it won’t happen. A recent movie put out by the director of Ace Ventura and Liar/Liar, Tom Shadyac, describes how scientists have determined in Nature it is not survival of the fittest but cooperation that rules. Until we are willing to cooperate, work together, we will continue to fail.

    Browns gas has the ability to contain and reverse atomic radiation. The info is out there. We have to ask why it has not been shared.


    Make sure to watch the video up at the top of the page.

    Be Well Marjory
    Nice job on getting folks to share what they know.


    • Marjory Wildcraft

      WOW John,

      that is an amazing amount of info. You’ve just helped me and a bunch of other people tremendously.

      I have a funny story about Lugols’ (For those that don’t know, Lugols is a solution of idodine). Iodine has become one of those nutrients that is incredibly lacking in the American diet. I started taking Lugols orally in a cup with water. Taking a nutritional test I was stunned to see very low levels and yet I was eating extraordinarily well, juicing, supplmenting, and had a very high nutritional intake. After some testing with kinesology it was shown I wasn’t digesting what I was taking in – again another big surprise as I have spent a ton in developing my gut flora.

      Then it hit me – duh….

      The Lugols idodine solution is essentially an antibiotic and I had inadvertently been killing off my gut flora. LOL. Ayahh.

      So now I take the Lugols topically. Been rebuilding the gut flora too.

      Recently did another nutritional test and yes, all the numbers were back up again.

      Anyway, thanks so much for your post.

  7. Hi Marjory,
    Unfortunately, I believe as you do, that nuclear radiation is threatening the very survival of the human species, at least in its present form.
    I recently came across a product that offers help to surmount the radiation challenge from an apparently highly reputable scientific source. What do you think? If you – or anyone else – is interested, I can assist in getting access to it.
    Here is the link:
    Love and Light

    • Marjory Wildcraft

      Hi Jens,

      So delighted to hear from you.

      Propectin – that video was very interesting. For those that can afford it that looks quite useful. I am definately interested in following up with this. It does take a lot of apples to make though…

      Hey, I really appreciate you bringing this forward.

  8. NLJ

    As usual Marjory – you struck a nerve. I guess for me – I learned something I didn’t know about you – that you believe in evolution not creation & the creator. I did not have time to read everyone’s comments – even in part. Just a casual browse thru. I think for me on one side I grieve because I am a Mother of 9 and at present a Grandmother of 13. My children (& children’s children) are all around the world. They do not all amazingly or not share the same faith as I do. They want life. They want adventure & discovery. I stand ashamed at what we as creation have done unlike any of His other creations. The fact that some stand proud confounds and confuses me. I do believe in a return of Jesus. I stand in awe & thanks of His foresight. I do believe we have very rough times ahead. We can not get off blaming God for ALL of the STUPID things that man’s inhumanity to man has produced. I do NOT believe in a pre-trib rapture & think the Bible makes it very clear. Sadly not all feel the same and therefore they do not watch & pray and prepare. Fukishima is just another blot – a sadly is and will cause so much sorrow and tears – not just in Japan but the world. We are ALL in this together.

    • Marjory Wildcraft

      Hi NLJ,

      I am not really an evolutionist… The way I see it, evolution is being created every moment. There are definitely patterns that are most simply explained by the process of evolution, and the entire world is a mystery that cannot be truly fathomed.

      Physics, chemistry, math – they all are great models of reality for a range of experience, but not the full experience of the world. The same for evolution – it is a good model for a limited range of expression of the world. But cannot ever come close to penetrating the full mystery.

  9. Debbie

    While there has been much shared concerning what to do I’d like to share why we’re in this mess to begin with. Many people scoff and spurn the Word of God (The Holy Bible) yet it has the answers for life. 2 Timothy 3:1 states But know this, that in the last days perilous times will come….. vs 7 (speaking of man) always learning and never able to come to the knowledge of the truth. Romans the first chapter tells us why this is happening. Romans 1:18 For the wrath of God is revealed from heaven against all ungodliness and unrighteousness of men, who SUPPRESS THE TRUTH IN UNRIGHTEOUSNESS……vs 21 because, although they knew God, they did not glorify HIM as God, nor were thankful, but BECAME FUTILE in their THOUGHTS, and THEIR FOOLISH HEARTS were darkened. vs 22 Porfessing to wise, THEY BECAME FOOLS…… We are the highest intellegence that will ever be, we are not evolving into higher orders as “science” would have us believe. While much has been done and knowledge has increased concerning how to live and sustain life, much has been lost and the greed of few destroy what is by trying to rule or ‘control’ the majority.

  10. Zahra


    I like your sensible article, just have a question about the Mexican produce; do you think the higher price reflects the cost of some kind of greenhouses, or other covers, used to hopefully protect the plants from fallout spread thru rainfall? Or else, why would the prices be higher? I don’t get it. Did you have any idea what that was about? Thanks for all that you do!

    Blessings ~


    • Marjory Wildcraft

      Hi Zahra,

      The Mexican food was higher priced because the fallout doesn’t go that far south. Or so it is thought. I want to get one of those radiation meters that John B. Wells talks about….

  11. Cynthia

    Thank you, Marjory for this article. More people need to be aware of this disaster, and its far reaching effects. I have been trying to get my teenage daughter interested in growing food, and eating a certain way. I finally got through to her by explaining this disaster, its long term problems, and the fact that there are numerous nuclear power plants all around. Even if we don’t fully understand how bad this could get, what has already happened is bad enough. I hope that everyone gets a copy of your dvd’s and takes steps to protect their families. I appreciate your hard work and dedication to home grown food on every table, and I look forward to many more of your articles to come!!

  12. I just have to say I truly enjoy hearing you talk about all the important issues we really have to take the time to connect and join. I feel such a kindred spirit, it warms my heart to know there are people like you sharing in this chaotic world. I would so enjoy just sitting around a small fire in the woods telling stories and sharing our understanding about things. Blessings and I’ll be there. Babette