Growing Sunflower Sprouts

Sunflower sprouts are very easy to grow, delicious and very healthful. You can use a flat, black plastic ‘sprout’ tray, but much nicer (in my opinion) is growing them in a clamshell that formerly held greens. Open the clean clamshell, put about 1 inch of potting soil or any good dirt in the bottom. Cover the dirt with sunflower seeds in the husk. They should preferably not be stacked, but singly covering the dirt. Cover with another shallow layer of dirt. Water until the soil is damp. Watering can be done even before putting down the seeds. Close the clamshell and put it in a shaded part of the house at room temperature. To make the sprouts grow longer, you can put a dishtowel over the clamshell. Harvest when there are two leaves and the stem is 2-3 inches long.

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2 Comments on Growing Sunflower Sprouts

  1. Ashley

    Thanks for this idea! I have tons of sunflower seeds that I haven’t known what to do with! I used some of them for birdseed over the winter but still have lots leftover.