Interesting Way To Conserve Water Without Flushing

This may not be the best subject to talk about on your website, but in the interest of saving water for my garden, here goes. I am 64 and have some medical issues that require me to take blood thinners and other medications they make my urine smell BAD. I grew up on a ranch with a septic system and flushing the toilet each time you pee was not a good thing, it pushed too much water through the system. So with the nearest neighbor miles away we just went outside in the grass. Now that I am older I still practice this ritual. My wife has told me that I can no longer let urine stay in the toilet or use it to water the lawn because of the oder.

As I age I find myself urinating more often and I cant stand wasting water in the middle of a drought so I have come up with a solution. My house has a drain clean out in the side yard just outside my back door completely hidden with bushes and has stepping stones. I have devised a urinal of sorts. By cobbling a short 2 1/2 inch extension, to just the right height, and connecting it to the drain I have a urinal and a rubber stopper to stop any sewer gas when not in use, it works great. This device probably saves us 4 or 5 flushes or about 13 gal of fresh water a day, or 400 gal a month.

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1 Comment on Interesting Way To Conserve Water Without Flushing

  1. Karen

    Well, at least you have a little discretion. DH used to pee off the front porch, directly into my bushes. He stopped when they all gasped their last breath, and the front of our house smelled like a potty. Never could get anything to grow in there after that.