Unlocking Garlic’s Healing Goodness

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As many of you probably know, garlic is an amazing herb. It is loaded with amazing and natural antiseptic, anti hypertension, antibiotic, anti cancer, and anti fungal properties. As I watched Marjory’s amazing video about The Four Thieves Tonic, it occurred to me that there is a way to enhance the already effective formula even further by slightly altering the preparation of the garlic cloves. Slicing the cloves up will no doubt enhance the flavor and unlock the wonderful healing and preventative qualities of the garlic somewhat. But to really unlock all of the miracle agents inside, the best way to do so is to pulverize it. It is done easier than it sounds. You can use a small garlic press and do one at a time, or just simply hammer on a whole bunch of them at once, which will take very little extra prep time.

The important thing is to immerse the crushed garlic into the tonic immediately, as doing so will capture the properties created by the exposure of the garlic enzyme that produces allicin. The compound allicin has a very short half life, so don’t tarry here. This is the key compound that opens the door to truly unequalled overall health support and greatly enhanced immunity. Our family has become such believers in the wonderful properties of garlic, that we recently launched a small natural farming operation specializing in great varieties of gourmet garlics. We can only hope the future of our little farm turns out to be as special as the little herb we will be happily be bringing to market soon!


Please free to visit our website at www.wolfwoodsgarlic.com


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6 Comments on Unlocking Garlic’s Healing Goodness

  1. Steven Feil

    Is there a reason a person could not put the whole cloves in the mixture and then do a whirl in a blender, like a Vitamix?

  2. MM

    Regarding your tonic you make in November, do you let it “stew” in the refrigerator or in a cupboard at room temp? Does it get moldy if at room temp? Do you skim mold?

    Thanks so much. Love what you do!

    • I let it sit in the cupboard. I gently shake it a bit every other day or so – when I think of it.

      this particular tonic has never molded on me, but if it did, I would just scrape that off and use the lower part.